The “E” Word

September 8, 2013

by Pastor Paul Dziadul

Preaching on Romans 9:6-18, Pastor Paul discusses whether or not our God is a “fair” God, and whether He is free to do whatever He wants.

Sermon Outline:

Two crucial questions: 1) Is Good free to do whatever He wants? 2) Is God fair in the way He treats people?

I. God’s freedom seen in…

A) His choice of Isaac over Ishmael

B) His choice of Jacob over Esau

II. God’s fairness seen in…

A) His mercy to Moses

B) His justice to Pharaoh

III. Making this truth personal

A) It humbles us by putting us in our proper place

B) It glorifies God by putting Him in His rightful place as the ruler of the universe

C) It challenges us to consider the basis of our relationship with God

D) It reminds us that if we don’t accept God’s mercy we will one day face His justice

E) It teaches us that God’s Word has not failed — and indeed cannot fail