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September 6, 2013

by LWBC Webmaster

Hello and welcome to the new website for Lake Wildwood Baptist Church!

Purpose & Origins of Website

Its purpose is two-fold: 1) To introduce Lake Wildwood Baptist Church to visitors, and 2) to offer ever-updating information (via sermons, calendar, news items, and pastor’s blog) to our congregation.

The website was developed by Kevin J. Duncan, with information provided by Pastor Paul Dziadul. Kevin used WordPress, custom PHP and CSS, several publicly-available tricks and plugins, and combined them all to make the site you see now.

Report an Error

Developing a website suitable for everyone isn’t easy, and with all the different operating systems out there, and all the different browsers, and all the different reading devices; well, an error or two is inevitable. Found an error? Please let us know about it by clicking here.

Navigating the Website

Not sure what this button means? This is for our “RSS Feeds.” If you don’t know what it is, you can click it to learn more. Among the feeds we offer is a link to our iTunes Podcast for sermons.

Are you on Twitter? This button will take you to the Twitter page for Lake Wildwood Baptist Church. Please “follow” us!

Our Facebook page was around before this website. This button will take you to it. If you’re on Facebook, “like” us and share with others.

Visitor Info
If you are new to Lake Wildwood Baptist Church, this is where you should go to learn more about us.

News Items
Whenever there is news, an announcement, or anything else we want to bring to your attention, we will post a new news item.

Want to see what upcoming events are at Lake Wildwood Baptist Church? Our calendar should tell you.

Each week, Pastor Paul preaches the Lord’s Word. We record those audio sermons, and in the future we will be adding them here to the website. Initially we will only have a few, but the number will grow. Soon we will post new ones each week, and old archives will be added.

If you need to contact us, this page will show you the different methods you may use to do so. This includes an email contact form.

Our Pastor, Paul Dziadul, writes a blog where he shares his thoughts on spiritual matters. There is no set timetable for publishing, but he’ll update whenever inspiration strikes!

Don’t know how to get to Lake Wildwood Baptist Church? Our Map & Directions page will give you detailed instructions.