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But God

August 2, 2015

They’re two little words, but they are so, so powerful. Pastor Paul explains how “But God” defines the gospel in just two words.

Spiritual Gifts: The Love Language of God

July 26, 2015

What are the three marks of a transformed mind? Pastor Paul tackles this question and more as he discusses spiritual gifts.

Faith and Unbelief

July 12, 2015

What do you do when your faith isn’t enough? Pastor Paul answers this question while delving into Mark 9:24.

The Renewed Mind and Self Assessment

May 31, 2015

A renewed mind always keeps God’s grace in view. Are you ready to access yourself honestly and live at the foot of the cross?

Remember Me

May 24, 2015

On this Memorial Day weekend, we remember our fallen heroes as well as our risen one. Will you remember what Jesus did for you on the cross?

Knowing The Will Of God

May 17, 2015

The aim of the Christian life in God’s eyes is that Christ would be made to look as valuable as He is.

One Baby’s Legacy

May 10, 2015

We celebrate two brave midwives who, because they were obedient to God, changed all of our lives. Caring Solutions Pregnancy Centers will be with us to present their ministry to Macon’s Mothers.