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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds provide more ways for you to keep up with the latest content at LWBC. With them you can get our content delivered straight to your tablet, smart phone, RSS reader, eBook reader or MP3 Player. Subscribe by clicking one of the links below.

Sermon Podcast via iTunes

This subscription allows you to listen to our podcast via iTunes, iPod, iPhones and iPads. As new sermons are added, you would be able to automatically download and listen to them.

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Subscribe Manually to Sermon Podcast

For those who do not like and/or use iTunes, you have options. Just copy the link and you can paste it to manually subscribe to the podcatcher of your choosing.

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RSS Feed for all Written Content (News, Blog, etc.)

This option allows you to add an RSS Feed for readers such as FeedSpot for Chrome OS, NetNewsWire for the Mac, or Feedly for Windows and other platforms.

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Still not sure what a RSS Feed is? Learn more here.