The “Quiet Summer” of 2014

May 29, 2014

by Pastor Paul Dziadul

“We are going to have a quiet Summer next year,” I remarked to my wife in August of 2013 after adding up the nearly 22,000 miles I had traveled from May through July of 2013.

Famous last words!!! 22k miles is NOTHING compared to THIS Summer! Let’s see…

I ran my first (and hopefully last) full marathon; a week later I officiated my eldest son’s wedding. Conducted a three day intensive practicum on classical education two days later, then officiate my eldest daughter’s wedding 3 weeks after my Son’s. I’ll speak at our Summer camp for the week of July13th and then we will welcome our 8th child into this CRAZY family a week or so later.

Some wise person once quipped, “If you want to make God laugh…make plans.” Jesus’ little brother James had something to say about the “illusion” of control. To paraphrase it: He said, “hey, be careful what you say you’re gonna do. You have no clue what will happen tomorrow.”

Now that TRUTH will either frighten or free you. The difference is your relationship or lack thereof to a GOD who actually IS in control.

“Happy are the meek. Happy are the yielded. Happy are those who trustingly put their lives, their fortunes and their futures in the capable hands of their Creator. Happy are those who ‘let go and let God.'” ~~ Billy Graham, The Secret of Happiness

The bottom line question is, “Who’s better at running my life, Me or God?” Living an authentic life in Christ is a lot like riding a roller coaster…Terrifyingly Terrific!

My Dad nearly died in May. He had a massive heart attack that has left him severely weakened. It was touch and go for a while there, but this TRUTH about a “totally in control” God steadied us all. Mom was a rock because she knows the Rock of Ages personally and she has Him on speed dial. You can live fearless when you know your Creator personally.

Pastor Bob Adrian recently brought a powerful sermon on “Redeeming the Time” that speaks to how we can make the most of our days when we put them in God’s hands. You can listen to it here on our website.

Grace & Peace,

Paul J. Dziadul
Pastor, Lake Wildwood Baptist Church